Nicole O’Brien

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 4.03.30 PMAbout Nicole:

I am born and raised in Ridley Township, PA. Coming up on my one year wedding anniversary on New Years Eve, we have a rescue dog named Betty and a chinchilla! I have danced for the majority of my life, and the passion has never left! Some things that I enjoy doing, around my work, are being with my family, meeting new people, trying new restaurants, being with our dog, listening to music, radio talk shows, personal development, watching professional choreography, and being happy!

How did you get your start teaching group fitness?

I found dance fitness…well, more like it found me! I initially got licensed in Zumba Fitness back in 2010 so I could get paid for working out. I went to the training, fell in love with the possibility of inspiring others with some serious heart!

I have been teaching and being taught for 4 years now. Something that I’ve always loved, was the use of hip hop music in ballet class! It is something that I have not let go of. The studio owner, a former teacher of mine, had recently mentioned to me about becoming a ‘barre’ instructor. I took a look, and did some research. I have known about Christine and the amazing company that she has branded, and then decided to register as a Red Hot Barre Instructor. It has been nothing short of exciting and powerful for me to be a part of this! My students are so excited, and now I can spread my love for ballet!

Why did you chose the Red Hot Barre Fitness Training?

I know the reputation Red Hot has, and I loved the convenience of the online training. Granite, it is all work – and if we are willing to put in the work, the outcome is amazing.

What have you gained from the training?

I have gained inspiration, knowledge, confidence, and vocalizing in my class!


You can join Nicole for Barre classes every Saturday at 9am in Folsom, PA. Drop in for only $10 a class.


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